• anki

    Neat application that will let you program a series of flash cards, I think based on some scientific methods of memory.

  • shipyard

    Web app for managing docker containers & images. Written in go

  • dat.gui

    Neat javascript library for creating a settings popup

  • VIM productivity boost

    Has a lot of nice vim setup tips. Some good text-object mappings and suggestion to use space as leader

  • VIM text objects

    Excellent description of VIM text objects and how they work.

  • Tech talent shortage is a lie

    Opinion piece talking about the myth of talent shortage and how companies need to invest in people in order to aquire talent

  • Tech Career Tracks Rubyconf 2015

    Different technical career tracks illustrated using mega man characters

  • Life of an introvert in graphs

    Nice series of charts about being an introvert

  • Quick rsync how-to

    Useful intro to help get something done with rsync

  • Intro to VIM registers

    Explains the basics of VIM registers

  • sigmajs

    Nice little javascript library for building a visualization of a network of nodes

  • Sketch Shortcuts

    Lots of keyboard shortcuts for using sketchapp