On tap: Leinenkugels Summer Shandy
On the tube: Avengers

Today I am setting up an octopress blog. After what happened with posterous I really like the idea of owning my own content/data. I have tried several methods of journaling and blogging before, but struggle to stick with it. I think the git and simple text editor nature of octopress will work for me because it fits into my natural workflow.

I have been very enamored with the ideas of clojure and lisp lately. Mostly the ability to build your own language within them. I also love the purity of how everything is a list. I am working my way through Clojure Programming (currently at location 3483)

Am using MarkPad to write this, but it keeps complaining about not being able to monitor locked files under .git, I suppose we can fix that...

I'm going to dig into the MarkPad source code, and realize I should post a screenshot of the error I'm getting so I quick check on how to do that with octopress. It looks pretty easy.

I know it must be related to monitoring of a file or directory, so I do a git grep "FileSystemWatcher" which leads me to FileSystemWatcherWrapper

Simple fix, pull request submitted.